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Sony Laptop Repairs offer a variety of Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Printer and Monitor Repairs Repair Services in Mumbai.
Our technicians will provide you Laptop Repair Estimate. For questions regarding the Laptop Repair Estimate, please Call on number- 8080051550.

Our commitment to world class customer care has made us the most respected on-site Laptop Repair and support provider in our assistance area. Most important we guarantee our work!

Sony Laptop Repairs decade-long experience in Laptop auto mechanic, we have found that many of our clients call us for Laptop repair in Mumbai area, mostly faces prevalent issue like cracked screen, No power, display issue, unavailability of hardware drivers, degrading of os, virus issue etc. The manufacturer’s assistance center takes quite a while to respond and resolve these issues.

Sony Laptop Repair Services includes :

  • LCD screen repair, replacement
  • Hard Disk upgrade, replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • DVD Drive replacement
  • Hinge repair, replacement
  • RAM upgrade, replacement
  • Motherboard repair
  • Windows XP/VISTA install
  • Virus and spyware removal solution
  • Data recovery



  • Sony Network connection failure
  • Sony Notebook is running slowly
  • Sony Blue screen Stop Error messages
  • Sony Line or blotches on LCD screen
  • Sony System will not boot from hard drive
  • Sony Bleeding or leaking LCD
  • Sony Battery not charging appropriately
  • Sony Fan is noisy or not functioning
  • Sony Laptop overheating
  • Sony Hard disk drive makes clicking or grinding noises
  • Sony Video graphics issues
  • Sony Graphics card failure
  • Sony Liquid spilled on keyboard 
  • Sony Faulty / defective motherboards
  • Sony Laptop doesn’t boot or start up
  • Sony Broken or loose DC power jack / connector
  • Sony System running slow
  • Sony Laptop displays error messages
  • Sony Notebook has no power or will not turn on
  • Sony System turns on and then shuts down
  • Sony Unable to access CD / DVD drive, CD / DVD drive is not able to read or write disc
  • Sony Cracked or broken LCD screen
  • Sony Display is dim
  • Sony Strange beeping sound
  • Sony Burning smell from the laptop
  • Sony Notebook freezes
  • Sony Black screen
  • Sony Randomly restarts

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Vishal : I like their service, genuine people, they helped me a lot. Very Good Service.

Param : To service the hardware for data recovery i have contacted drm on a correct rate and i got a very best service now my computer is at good working condition

Ms Dinaz : To get my data from laptop Laptop Repair Mumbai approached me. they did a very good servicing of the laptop. & got data back its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

Vijay Goel : To service my laptop and recover data,Laptop Repair Mumbai approached me. they did a very good servicing of the laptop&recovered data, its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

Sunil Khotri : I recovered my data it was very neat service from them.

Sandeep : Laptop Repair Mumbai was indeed a great one showing their professionalism and experience in the field the charges too was reasonable and the work was done as per our requirement.

Samar : We would like to thank Laptop Repair Mumbai for providing us the service the service center have given us amazing services such that we now have all our systems working very quick we would definetely use the same people the next time too.

Rita : I had data to be recovered. The pcb got burnt. I gave it to other companies but they couldnt recover the data. By chance i went to the net and found out all about Laptop Repair Mumbai. i went there personally and they got my data in two days!!! This data was too imp for me as it had all my 8 years of memories in it.

Ramesh Naik : Affordable and Knowledgeable services from Laptop Repair Mumbai It's one thing to get your computer repaired successfully, and another they diagonalize the problem very soon and fix it very fast My failing hard drive was diagnosed and replaced within 20 minutes. These people love what they do and are good at rates.

Parithosh : Laptop Repair Mumbai really helped me a lot i was in need of servicing my laptop had small problem with my keyboard i contacted them and they helped me in servicing it soon very fast and hardworking staff charges also reasonable my problem has been resolved immediately.

Nilesh : I had a problem with desktop data recovery i contacted Laptop Repair Mumbai i told the problem their response is what I expected and they have been such an amazing help in servicing I am very impressed with their intelligence, honesty, integrity, and customer service. This is what I call customer service.

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